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Featured Ed Ricciuti Titles

BEARS IN THE BACKYARD (Countryman Press June 2014) Lions and tigers and bears…Well, perhaps not tigers, but mountain lions and bears, as well as coywolves, alligators, moose and other dangerous beasts once confined to far wilderness are showing up on the streets and in backyards of towns and cities. They bite, even kill. They frighten parents and pet owners, especially those never before exposed to the fangs and claws of nature in the raw. They crash into cars and through store windows, even invade homes. They feast on precious landscape plantings. BEARS IN THE BACKYARD tells how these creatures invaded our comfort zone and how to live safely, even enjoyably, with beasts that, disconcerting as it may be, occasionally view you or me as lunch.

Mid Manhattan Library Talk (534 KB)

Here's a flyer to my talk at the Mid Manhattan Library on 3 Sept., 2015!

A controversial look at what turns animals into killers

The Ultimate Illustrated Guide for Nonscientists

Science 101: Forensics takes you on a behind-the-scenes journey into the world of the investigators and scientists who work to solve crimes through the use of forensic science. It examines tried-and-true forensics methods, as well as cutting-edge forensic disciplines little known to the general public.

Information on fingerprint and DNA identification, trace evidence, arson detection, crime-scene procedures, and more

History of forensics from ancient times to the present day, with an explanation of the many scientific fields that contribute to forensics

More than 250 full-color photographs and illustrations

Ready Reference section with at-a-glance facts on forensics

For the sailor, swimmer, diver, fisherman, and armchair naturalist, here are fascinating tales and useful facts about the dangerous creatures found in the oceans of the world.

A delightful, lighthearted handbook for bird lovers, chock-full of information on how to attract birds, identify them, understand their habits, and supply their basic needs.
A user-friendly handbook for all bird lovers, "Backyards Are For The Birds" is written with wit and humor and packed with essential information on attracting, identifying, feeding, and housing all kinds of wild birds. It gives detailed, illustrated information about birds, bird houses, feeders, and water supplies, as well as fascinating tidbits about bird history, habits, and characteristics.